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Francisco Cortes Event Planning is not about making a party successful. It is to make sure that you think an event was successful. Minimalist approach is fine as is maximal. The only thing we do not deal in is mediocrity. We pride ourselves on our approach to handling events with modicum of alacrity and finesse. Here is what we deal in:


If you have a wedding in mind then we are the right people for you We take care of everything from getting the venue of your choice to ensuring the right caterer delivers on time.


Parties should be fun. Especially for the host. We ensure that you do not have to worry about anything apart from mingling with the guests. Decoration, Catering, Venue, Entertainment and Music among other things are our forte.

Bar Mitzvah

Your boy has come of age. No event planner can possible plan a Bar Mitzvah better than Francisco Cortes Event Planning. Our success lies in the emotions behind our planning. We believe ourselves to be a part of your celebration.

Corporate Events

Francisco Cortes Event Planning takes care of everything from galas, auctions, trainings events to all other event management options. We recently divulged into corporate events and are happy to note that we have made quite the difference.

Give us a call at Francisco Cortes Event Planning if you wish to make your party or event raging success and possibly the talk of the town. We ensure cost effective rates and complete competency and dedication from the staff.