Galas and auctions are more and more popular today. Huge numbers of guests show up for an event if it is managed and organized in an excellent manner. Francisco Cortes Event Planners know it very well that every Galas and Auctions need something new and innovative to attract more people every time. Event success is the primary motive of our dedicated and experienced team which has organized many Galas and Event In the town. Guest needs something new every time they show up. Repetitive events and stuff are the perfect ingredients to drive them away. Our team at Francisco Cortes Event Planner know it very well and are very efficient in organizing more and more adventurous and interesting stuff in the event with excellence.

Organizing Galas and Auctions are not low cost affairs and most the clients find it very difficult to get perfect event within the budget. Here at Francisco Cortes Event Planner you can get our services at very affordable prices that you can’t get anywhere. Our services are cheaper than the competitive market rates and we ensure the event never goes out of the budget. Another thing client like about us is we have no hidden charges, if you have given us some budget we ensure all arrangement is done within that budget.

To make your event successful we implement various techniques. Visual advertisement of your major sponsors is made by us and is displayed to your guest in a very effective manner. Francisco Cortes Event Planner encourage request for the donation by the sponsors in beginning and middle of the event with very light minded surrounding.

We keep your guest busy and engaged every time by keeping they indulge in various creative activities so they never lose interest in the event and stays as long as the event is going. More guest interaction and involvement is very necessary for any event to be successful and here at Francisco Cortes Event Planner we deliver you that.

Call Francisco Cortes Event Planning to have your galas and auctions planned by a dedicated event planner. We ensure that your galas and events are the talk of town.